Make Repairing Tractor Trailers Easier With Maha Mobile Lifts

By | March 26, 2017

Tractor trailers are notoriously difficult to repair because of their size and weight. MAHA’s Mobile Column Lifts can make the job easier for any truck repair shop with their state-of-the-art technology, and their well-built, reliable technology.

MAHA combines world-renowned German engineering with quality American craftsmanship, resulting in the most reliable lifts for heavy duty vehicles. Today’s vehicles are bigger and heavier than they’ve ever been; the proper mobile lifts can give your repair shop the ability to repair anything from small trucks, tractor trailers and buses to fire trucks and dump trucks.

The MCL 16 Mobile Column Lift is perfect for, buses, trucks and even military vehicles weighing up to 128,000 pounds. Each column in this the MCL system is mobile and can be used in both automotive and heavy-duty repair shops. Their independent locking devices and low weight make these truck lifts safe and easy to handle. Additionally, their column design saves space and they are virtually maintenance free.

The MCL 18 truck lifts are capable of lifting up to 144,000 pounds. You can use these truck lifts for tractor trailer cabs, as well as the trailers themselves. They are available in sets of 2, 4, 6 and even 8 columns, giving you the ability to meet the lifting requirements for any size of vehicle that needs repair or servicing. Up to eight MCL 18 truck lifts can be used simultaneously for oversized vehicles. Set-up of these truck lifts is quick and easy, and they are as portable as the MCL 16 model.

If you’re looking for mobile lifts with a battery powered option, MAHA offers their MCL 16 and MCL 18 mobile column lifting systems in a battery powered version with a coax cable connection. They are perfect for vans, trucks and buses weighing up to 144,000 pounds. They are fully digital and have a standard 110V connection that will recharge the batteries overnight. One charge lasts 45 full cycles at 50% capacity or 25 full cycles at 100% capacity. MAHA has the edge over their competitors, because they weigh less than other non-battery operated lifts, and are easier to manoeuvre for quicker storage and portability. Their comprehensive controls let the operator know the remaining battery life and lift status at all times. There are no hydraulics, eliminating the worry of leakage, and their rechargeable batteries provide an environmentally friendly option for those repair and service establishments wanting to “green” their reputations.

BRAND NEW � MAHA USA now offers the only Wireless Mobile Column Lifting Systems on the market! The battery powered lifts have now become more user-friendly, achieving an unparalleled level of mobility and efficiency.

If you’re in need of heavy-duty mobile lifts, MAHA has the right equipment to give repair shops the versatility to fix a large variety of vehicles. You can get heavy duty Support Stands in order to free up the mobile column lifting systems which you can then take to other bays. The selection of heavy duty workshop accessories for lifts also includes a lifting table, which will give your shop the ability to accommodate up to 2,000 pounds on this portable device.

With high or low lift wheel dollies, you can add tire installation to your menu of services. The low lift wheel dolly facilitates easy removal and installation of single, tandem or duplex tires, and the high lift wheel dolly eliminates the need to lift heavy wheels and tires. Both wheel dolly lift models feature ball bearing casters, making them easy to manoeuvre anywhere in your shop. These accessories will not only increase revenue, they will provide convenience for technicians, making their jobs safer and easier.

MAHA’s lifting systems are well known in the industry for their unparalleled safety features. They are all ALI certified, but still go above and beyond that minimum certification to ensure that redundant safety features are included to protect critical functions. Although the back-up safety features are not required for certification, users of MAHA equipment are guaranteed to have an even higher level of safety during operation. These features ensure the safety of MAHA lifts from their first use, until their last.