How Heavy Duty Lifts Can Help Capture More Clients For Your Business

By | March 26, 2017

In repair shops across North America, heavy duty lifts ensure that companies can expand their services to include the repair of larger vehicles such as trucks and buses. This service expansion cannot be underestimated, as studies have shown that the use of heavy duty lifts can help increase company revenue by an estimated $55,000 per year.

This revenue driving potential has caught the attention of many companies across America, who now view heavy duty lifts as a vital business asset as they look to withstand this era of economic instability. Many are turning to the engineering excellence offered by MAHA-USA, who has 11 years in the American automotive repair market to their name. MAHA-USA’s catalogue of heavy duty lifts rivals that of any company in the industry, due to their steadfast commitment to manufacturing superiority.

Consider for example their Portable Air End Lift, which acts as a 100% air-operated portable lift system for those repairing heavy-duty vehicles. These heavy-duty lifts can achieve a lifting capacity of up to 20,00lbs and feature large pneumatic wheels for easy manoeuvrability within the working environment. The Portable Air End Lift offers the user a maximum of 50″ lifting height and a minimum of 14″ and so it is perfectly designed for workspaces with low ceilings.

The heavy-duty lifts manufactured by MAHA-USA offer those repairing vehicles a multitude of advantages within their workplace. For example, due to their quality craftsmanship they can provide extended levels of safety through easier under-vehicle access for professional inspections. This safety extension also helps to significantly reduce the probability of workplace injuries, thus reducing financial loss due to workers’ compensation payouts.

Also available within MAHA-USA’s exceptional catalogue of heavy duty lifts are the MCL-16 and MCL-18. Both offer the very pinnacle in professional operation, with lifting capacities of 128,000lbs and 144,000lbs respectively. Offering outstanding mobility, both products are designed to allow even those with a smaller number of staff to move the equipment comfortably and efficiently.

Both the MCL-16 and MCL-18 heavy duty lifts are available as Wireless, Battery-Powered Mobile Column Lifts for true low-energy, high-powered performance. The battery-operated versions of these heavy duty lifts are designed to last for 25 full cycles while operating at 100% capacity and, like their non-wireless counterparts, can be easily manoeuvred thanks to their low, battery-included weight of just 1,200lbs.

In addition to MAHA-USA’s leading class options when it comes to high quality lifting equipment, prospective clients may also with to consider the range of accessories presented within the MAHA-USA catalogue for the purpose of extending the utility of their heavy duty lifts.

Take for example the company’s reduction sleeves, which offer users the ability to MAHA-USA’s mobile column lifts on vehicles that have a smaller tire diameter such as small cars, light trucks and specialty vehicles. Designed for use with either MCL-16 or MCL 18, the reduction sleeves can allow for vehicles with 13″ rim diameter to be engaged with precise fit that ensures perfect integration within MAHA-USA’s mobile column lifts.

To extend your company’s service offering to your customers, ensure that you have the qualified expertise of MAHA-USA behind you by making a selection from their first-class product catalogue.


With over a decade in the North American market, MAHA-USA is one of the leading mechanical engineering companies in the industry. Globally, they are considered to be a first-class manufacturer of electronic brake testing technology and wheel alignment equipment, as well as being specialists in the testing of safety relevant vehicle components. The MAHA Group has been doing this for over 40 years now. For more information, go to Maha-usa.