Expertly-designed Truck Lifts Now Available For Your Business

By | March 26, 2017

For a mechanic to be able to perform a level of service that surpasses industry standards for automotive repair, they need industry-leading equipment that is trusted by millions worldwide to provide the strength and safety when they need it most.

As a leading innovator with over forty years experience working with the biggest and most trusted names in the automotive industry, MAHA USA has garnered a reputation for manufacturing outstanding, automotive equipment. Worldwide, MAHA USA is the leading manufacturer of vehicle test stands for application purposes. Their excellence in industry-leading mechanical engineering is underscored by their creation of software to aid system networking. They also specialize in the adaptation of comprehensive logistics networks for optimized network solutions, which adhere to specific customer requirements.

Having the right equipment for the job can mean the difference between success and failure for an automotive business. That is why so many trust MAHA USA, where specialist advisors are waiting to speak with clientele about which size and type of truck lifts would suit their requirements. This level of specialist customer service has helped MAHA USA become one of the top companies in the automotive repair industry.

Their range of mobile column truck lifts can help with any large vehicle repair. Consider, for example, their MCL 18, which offers up to 144,000lbs of lifting capacity. This exceptional piece of equipment is designed to save space in a repair facility thanks to its unique mobile column design, which allows for the ultimate in flexibility. Because of their strict adherence to all industry safety guidelines, the MCL 18 is fitted with an independent locking device that stays completely secure in all stages of operation. In the interests of complete safety, MAHA USA also fits the MCL 18 with a system of back-up safety features, which protect critical operational functions. Therefore, you can be sure that when you are using truck lifts manufactured by MAHA USA, you are equipped with a product that is tried, tested and ready to give you the lifting power you need for the job. Using truck lifts by MAHA USA can also help repair shops save money on insurance costs by reducing employee injuries such as back strains and muscle tears. This is because MAHA USA designs their equipment specifically for ease-of-use with minimal manual work required.

In addition to their exceptional array of mobile column truck lifts MAHA USA also manufactures lifting equipment for use on smaller vehicles and in smaller repair facilities. MAHA USA offers a wide selection of in-ground, two-post, four-post and specialty lifts for small vehicle lifting. As an example, the MAHA STL 9,000 – this innovative piece of equipment not only offers superb lifting capabilities but also gives the user unparalleled flexibility when working in tight spaces thanks to its expertly manufactured modular design.

When you are searching for the most trusted, high quality truck lifts, choose MAHA USA and put the power of industry-leading manufacturing to work for your automotive business.


With subsidiaries and dealers in over 130 countries, MAHA USA is one of the world’s leading providers of systems for vehicle testing and maintenance. For more information, please go to Maha-usa.