How Heavy Duty Lifts Can Help Capture More Clients For Your Business

In repair shops across North America, heavy duty lifts ensure that companies can expand their services to include the repair of larger vehicles such as trucks and buses. This service expansion cannot be underestimated, as studies have shown that the use of heavy duty lifts can help increase company revenue by an estimated $55,000 per year.

This revenue driving potential has caught the attention of many companies across America, who now view heavy duty lifts as a vital business asset as they look to withstand this era of economic instability. Many are turning to the engineering excellence offered by MAHA-USA, who has 11 years in the American automotive repair market to their name. MAHA-USA’s catalogue of heavy duty lifts rivals that of any company in the industry, due to their steadfast commitment to manufacturing superiority.

Consider for example their Portable Air End Lift, which acts as a 100% air-operated portable lift system for those repairing heavy-duty vehicles. These heavy-duty lifts can achieve a lifting capacity of up to 20,00lbs and feature large pneumatic wheels for easy manoeuvrability within the working environment. The Portable Air End Lift offers the user a maximum of 50″ lifting height and a minimum of 14″ and so it is perfectly designed for workspaces with low ceilings.

The heavy-duty lifts manufactured by MAHA-USA offer those repairing vehicles a multitude of advantages within their workplace. For example, due to their quality craftsmanship they can provide extended levels of safety through easier under-vehicle access for professional inspections. This safety extension also helps to significantly reduce the probability of workplace injuries, thus reducing financial loss due to workers’ compensation payouts.

Also available within MAHA-USA’s exceptional catalogue of heavy duty lifts are the MCL-16 and MCL-18. Both offer the very pinnacle in professional operation, with lifting capacities of 128,000lbs and 144,000lbs respectively. Offering outstanding mobility, both products are designed to allow even those with a smaller number of staff to move the equipment comfortably and efficiently.

Both the MCL-16 and MCL-18 heavy duty lifts are available as Wireless, Battery-Powered Mobile Column Lifts for true low-energy, high-powered performance. The battery-operated versions of these heavy duty lifts are designed to last for 25 full cycles while operating at 100% capacity and, like their non-wireless counterparts, can be easily manoeuvred thanks to their low, battery-included weight of just 1,200lbs.

In addition to MAHA-USA’s leading class options when it comes to high quality lifting equipment, prospective clients may also with to consider the range of accessories presented within the MAHA-USA catalogue for the purpose of extending the utility of their heavy duty lifts.

Take for example the company’s reduction sleeves, which offer users the ability to MAHA-USA’s mobile column lifts on vehicles that have a smaller tire diameter such as small cars, light trucks and specialty vehicles. Designed for use with either MCL-16 or MCL 18, the reduction sleeves can allow for vehicles with 13″ rim diameter to be engaged with precise fit that ensures perfect integration within MAHA-USA’s mobile column lifts.

To extend your company’s service offering to your customers, ensure that you have the qualified expertise of MAHA-USA behind you by making a selection from their first-class product catalogue.


With over a decade in the North American market, MAHA-USA is one of the leading mechanical engineering companies in the industry. Globally, they are considered to be a first-class manufacturer of electronic brake testing technology and wheel alignment equipment, as well as being specialists in the testing of safety relevant vehicle components. The MAHA Group has been doing this for over 40 years now. For more information, go to Maha-usa.

Expertly-designed Truck Lifts Now Available For Your Business

For a mechanic to be able to perform a level of service that surpasses industry standards for automotive repair, they need industry-leading equipment that is trusted by millions worldwide to provide the strength and safety when they need it most.

As a leading innovator with over forty years experience working with the biggest and most trusted names in the automotive industry, MAHA USA has garnered a reputation for manufacturing outstanding, automotive equipment. Worldwide, MAHA USA is the leading manufacturer of vehicle test stands for application purposes. Their excellence in industry-leading mechanical engineering is underscored by their creation of software to aid system networking. They also specialize in the adaptation of comprehensive logistics networks for optimized network solutions, which adhere to specific customer requirements.

Having the right equipment for the job can mean the difference between success and failure for an automotive business. That is why so many trust MAHA USA, where specialist advisors are waiting to speak with clientele about which size and type of truck lifts would suit their requirements. This level of specialist customer service has helped MAHA USA become one of the top companies in the automotive repair industry.

Their range of mobile column truck lifts can help with any large vehicle repair. Consider, for example, their MCL 18, which offers up to 144,000lbs of lifting capacity. This exceptional piece of equipment is designed to save space in a repair facility thanks to its unique mobile column design, which allows for the ultimate in flexibility. Because of their strict adherence to all industry safety guidelines, the MCL 18 is fitted with an independent locking device that stays completely secure in all stages of operation. In the interests of complete safety, MAHA USA also fits the MCL 18 with a system of back-up safety features, which protect critical operational functions. Therefore, you can be sure that when you are using truck lifts manufactured by MAHA USA, you are equipped with a product that is tried, tested and ready to give you the lifting power you need for the job. Using truck lifts by MAHA USA can also help repair shops save money on insurance costs by reducing employee injuries such as back strains and muscle tears. This is because MAHA USA designs their equipment specifically for ease-of-use with minimal manual work required.

In addition to their exceptional array of mobile column truck lifts MAHA USA also manufactures lifting equipment for use on smaller vehicles and in smaller repair facilities. MAHA USA offers a wide selection of in-ground, two-post, four-post and specialty lifts for small vehicle lifting. As an example, the MAHA STL 9,000 – this innovative piece of equipment not only offers superb lifting capabilities but also gives the user unparalleled flexibility when working in tight spaces thanks to its expertly manufactured modular design.

When you are searching for the most trusted, high quality truck lifts, choose MAHA USA and put the power of industry-leading manufacturing to work for your automotive business.


With subsidiaries and dealers in over 130 countries, MAHA USA is one of the world’s leading providers of systems for vehicle testing and maintenance. For more information, please go to Maha-usa.

Put The Latest Technology To Work With Maha Automotive Lifts

Automotive engineering is evolving at a record pace. Cars and trucks are no longer just vehicles that get us from Point A to Point B. A car is the sum of its many intricate parts; in order to repair or analyze those parts, you need the latest in automotive lifts from MAHA, one of the lifting industry leaders.

MAHA has been manufacturing automotive lifts for over 40 years. Their standards of excellence in engineering and technology have made them a trusted supplier of automotive lifts for repair shops, service centers and OEMs. Keeping up with the latest automotive lifts technology can actually increase revenue, as well as save money. The proper automotive lifts ensure quality control, whether used in the manufacturing sector, or in service.

When you deal with MAHA, you know the automotive lifts you purchase will be of the highest quality. They also have the largest selection of custom automotive lifts, so you can choose the ones that will best suit your needs. You have your choice of two and four post automotive lifts, as well as specialty, in ground and scissors automotive lifts. These automotive lifts are best suited for repair and service shops as well as inspection center locations.

Although automotive technology has become more advanced, taking care of today’s vehicles is easier than ever. Maintenance schedules require not much more than an oil change every 3-5,000 miles, and quick lube shops are a burgeoning business. These no appointment, under 10 minute service centers are utilizing MAHA’s automotive lifts to keep their shops running efficiently, and giving them the capacity for high volume service. Even if your shop is a full service repair shop, you can still benefit by MAHA equipment. Extensive repairs that require getting underneath a car will be much more convenient when you have the latest technology at your disposal. The automotive repair business is heavily dependent on volume as well as fast service; the more up-to-date your equipment, the quicker and easier it will be to service more customers and more vehicles. Reputation is crucial; proving your shop to be dependable, honest and reliable not only means having qualified mechanics, but the tools that will help them perform to the best of their ability. Quality automotive products from MAHA are the best place to begin if you’re just starting out, or if a total overhaul is needed, the investment will prove its worth in the amount of new business you’ll obtain.

To learn more about the quality products MAHA offers, visit their web site at maha-usa. There, you’ll find detailed information on all their automotive lift products. Their quality automotive lifts make repairing passenger vehicles and transport trucks easy and efficient. Investing in MAHA automotive lifts means their reputation for quality stands with you at your repair shop or service center, bringing an element of trust to your operation. Your customers will be pleased with your work, and you will gain a reputation as a trusted member of your community. Let MAHA help with their German engineered automotive lifts, made in the USA.

Make Repairing Tractor Trailers Easier With Maha Mobile Lifts

Tractor trailers are notoriously difficult to repair because of their size and weight. MAHA’s Mobile Column Lifts can make the job easier for any truck repair shop with their state-of-the-art technology, and their well-built, reliable technology.

MAHA combines world-renowned German engineering with quality American craftsmanship, resulting in the most reliable lifts for heavy duty vehicles. Today’s vehicles are bigger and heavier than they’ve ever been; the proper mobile lifts can give your repair shop the ability to repair anything from small trucks, tractor trailers and buses to fire trucks and dump trucks.

The MCL 16 Mobile Column Lift is perfect for, buses, trucks and even military vehicles weighing up to 128,000 pounds. Each column in this the MCL system is mobile and can be used in both automotive and heavy-duty repair shops. Their independent locking devices and low weight make these truck lifts safe and easy to handle. Additionally, their column design saves space and they are virtually maintenance free.

The MCL 18 truck lifts are capable of lifting up to 144,000 pounds. You can use these truck lifts for tractor trailer cabs, as well as the trailers themselves. They are available in sets of 2, 4, 6 and even 8 columns, giving you the ability to meet the lifting requirements for any size of vehicle that needs repair or servicing. Up to eight MCL 18 truck lifts can be used simultaneously for oversized vehicles. Set-up of these truck lifts is quick and easy, and they are as portable as the MCL 16 model.

If you’re looking for mobile lifts with a battery powered option, MAHA offers their MCL 16 and MCL 18 mobile column lifting systems in a battery powered version with a coax cable connection. They are perfect for vans, trucks and buses weighing up to 144,000 pounds. They are fully digital and have a standard 110V connection that will recharge the batteries overnight. One charge lasts 45 full cycles at 50% capacity or 25 full cycles at 100% capacity. MAHA has the edge over their competitors, because they weigh less than other non-battery operated lifts, and are easier to manoeuvre for quicker storage and portability. Their comprehensive controls let the operator know the remaining battery life and lift status at all times. There are no hydraulics, eliminating the worry of leakage, and their rechargeable batteries provide an environmentally friendly option for those repair and service establishments wanting to “green” their reputations.

BRAND NEW � MAHA USA now offers the only Wireless Mobile Column Lifting Systems on the market! The battery powered lifts have now become more user-friendly, achieving an unparalleled level of mobility and efficiency.

If you’re in need of heavy-duty mobile lifts, MAHA has the right equipment to give repair shops the versatility to fix a large variety of vehicles. You can get heavy duty Support Stands in order to free up the mobile column lifting systems which you can then take to other bays. The selection of heavy duty workshop accessories for lifts also includes a lifting table, which will give your shop the ability to accommodate up to 2,000 pounds on this portable device.

With high or low lift wheel dollies, you can add tire installation to your menu of services. The low lift wheel dolly facilitates easy removal and installation of single, tandem or duplex tires, and the high lift wheel dolly eliminates the need to lift heavy wheels and tires. Both wheel dolly lift models feature ball bearing casters, making them easy to manoeuvre anywhere in your shop. These accessories will not only increase revenue, they will provide convenience for technicians, making their jobs safer and easier.

MAHA’s lifting systems are well known in the industry for their unparalleled safety features. They are all ALI certified, but still go above and beyond that minimum certification to ensure that redundant safety features are included to protect critical functions. Although the back-up safety features are not required for certification, users of MAHA equipment are guaranteed to have an even higher level of safety during operation. These features ensure the safety of MAHA lifts from their first use, until their last.

The Automotive Employment Market Is Still an Open Playing Field

In the automotive employment market there are still very attractive job opportunities available all over the world. So if you are in the automotive employment market and want to make a change there are still a lot of opportunities all over the world.

In this modern world there do exist a massive shortage highly skilled automotive technicians all over the world. So if you are a highly skilled auto technician you can choose where you want to work in the world.

By just applying on one of the many automotive recruitment companies web pages, and they will search a job opportunity for you any place in the world. The fact is that a lot of emerging automotive markets have opened up in reasoned years, due to the power shift in the automotive industry.

This automotive employment market is going to become even bigger in the future as all new type of cars is going to hit the market. Like all the “EV” cars that are still in the prototype phase. All these cars will have new technology implemented into them, so new personnel must be trained to work on them in the future.

This will bring a paradigm shift into this automotive employment market, even the training methods and the skill sets that must be trained have to change in the very near future.

This will cause the manufacturers to start running extensive training and develop programs, to have highly skilled technicians to assist them to establish their brand. There will be coming new brands and brand name into the playing field and these brands will need to still build their names in the market place.

To build a brand name you need a powerful after sales service you can assist your customers with. This alone will create a new automotive employment market to the auto industry; just imagine an electronic or chemical engineer working at your local car dealership.

It may sound farfetched but it is possible as the cars in the future will be driven with power plants like fuel cells, hydrogen emission and electric motors. All of this is going to come to the market place in this modern world sooner than most of us do realize. So the predictions are that a big portion of the existing automotive workforce will leave.

They will leave this workforce as they are from the old school with old school principles that will become extinct with this new technology. The human tendencies are that you will stay ignorant if you become a member of the old school club. This only happens as the older people were conditioned that they can only learn something up to a certain age. All of us know this is not true but the system wants them to leave as it is harder to change and old horse to get rid of his or her habits

The system was created to develop a group of slaves that would be easier to condition, into what this slave system needs and not what the workers needs. That is one of the reasons why the older leading hands in the automotive employment market gets removed or retrenched. The general modern business conceptions are that older people are resisters to modern business, as they don’t want to change.

If all this highly skilled people are removed in the future the whole automotive industry will suffer a massive skills and brain lost that could have passed on to the younger people. Findings are that most of this older people in the automotive industry don’t want to share their knowledge and skills anymore, because they don’t see themselves as resistors for future development in the automotive industry.

So the automotive employment market will suffer great losses in the near future, due to this phenomenon.

Rocco van Rooyen is an Author on Automotive Solutions. As an Entrepreneur and Author on the subject, he is at the forefront to provide solutions to all automotive related problems.